2019 BMW 1 Series Features, interior, Exterior , Price and Release date

For all the BMW purists out there, it seems that we may well get the new BMW series 1 sooner than expected and that news was enough to send us into a tizzy. So we decided to dig up all we can about the car and what it may look like including the leaked images and prepped this review. So if you happen to be a BMW purist then you definitely need to read on. It seems that BMW had indeed gone in for more than a few select changes, so let’s take a closer look at the car, shall we?

2019 BMW 1 Series

2019 BMW 1 Series

2019 BMW 1 Series Overview:

As far as the 2019 BMW 1 Series is concerned, it seems that the automaker is going all out to ensure that their new model is a success. And if rumours are to be believed it seems that the new model will be pinned on the FAAR platform. But the icing on the cake is that the car is to come with front wheel drive which is indeed welcome news from the earlier one. And for what we can see, the new model looks quite good, from the front bumper to the rear,

2019 BMW 1 Series, under the hood:

The 2019 BMW 1 Series certainly looks every bit as new but if you were expecting a complete makeover, you may be a bit disappointed for it still retains the same design features as the outgoing model without much of a change. What should stand out is that it comes with sharper features and without the long hood or the overhang. Instead, you can expect a premium model with enhanced grille and chrome accents, adaptive LED headlights with cornering, LED daytime running lights and the works.

The side panels are elegant and curve along the body line towards the rear. The usual Kidney shape grille that’s unique to BMW has undergone a makeover as well, being sharper, enhanced this time around and makes the car look even more aggressive than before. As mentioned earlier, this hatchback comes with a brand new platform but we may well expect BMW to ditch the hatchback series or at least alter it drastically in the future.

For now, the BMW 1series hatchback looks as good as it gets. It is rigged for your pleasure and you can expect nothing but comfort and luxury as far as this model is concerned.

2019 BMW 1 Series, Interior:

The 2019 BMW 1 Series comes with plush leather seats, soft cushion seats, leather-wrapped handles, power steering with power windows, heated and adjustable driver’s seat as well as heated mirrors. The car is indeed good and reeks of comfort and luxury on the inside – it is spacious enough and you can opt for other upholstery and fabric along with the trimmings for the interior. It also comes with a wireless charger, as well as adjustable seats.

The instruments are clustered together along with the large touchscreen infotainment panel.  Apart from all this, it also comes with advanced safety features for all the trims starting with adaptive cruising.

2019 BMW 1 Series interior

2019 BMW 1 Series interior

2019 BMW 1 Series Price and Release Date:

The 2019 BMW 1 Series comes with three-cylinder engines which rank around 258 HP, which is powerful enough and some more. It is expected that the model will launch sometime next year; and as for the pricing, it is expected to start from around 21840 GBP.

The new model is as indeed great to look at and with its enhanced suspension and other features; you should have a sweet ride.

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