2019 BMW i5 Rumors Engine, Price, Features and Release date

With crossover SUVs being all the rage now, it is not that surprising to learn that the 2019 BMW i5 will be a crossover SUV as well though what form or shape it will finally take is something that we all have to wait a few more months, with baited breath. With Beemer keeping all the details under wraps, we had to fall back on leaked pictures of BMW i5, leaked news, and rumours. We fully expect the car to sport the very latest in both hardware and technology, so let’s not waste any more time but dive right in, shall we?

2019 BMW i5 Overview

The 2019 BMW i5 is bound to be a crossover SUV is one detail that surprised no one but we did wonder what Beemer did manage to create with the current demand for a family-friendly car. We expect that Beemer did incorporate a few additional features along with a new front fascia or grille but the key elements that make this car a BMW would still stay the same or at least go in for a boost of sorts. The one thing that we did or tried not to do was to compare the new model with the current outgoing model as we had hoped for something entirely new, but here’s to hoping.

Exterior, under the hood:

The 2019 BMW i5 comes with four doors, and a roof that slopes gracefully to meet the rear windows seamlessly. The whole car is contoured to give it an aerodynamic boost and is engineered to reduce any drag on the vehicle itself.  The car comes with a brand new chassis and a reworked front fascia with the grille. Of course, it has the same component of LED headlights, with cornering along with tail lights to complete the look.

2019 BMW i5 Exterior

2019 BMW i5 Exterior

The difference with the headlights is that they come as four strips with the new model and similar upgrade to the tail lights in the new model. The side profile remains the same and there is not much to be done here since it is angled beautifully. After all, if you do have something good going, why on earth would you want to spoil it? Moreover, it is rumoured that this car does not come with a Hofmeister kink, maybe Beemer is telling us a lot more than expected but still, that was a tad unexpected. So guess it’s time to take a look at the interior


The 2019 BMW i5 comes with a sizeable interior and even better than last year’s model which should be telling on its own. The new model comes with plush leather heated seats, power steering, driver s seat that can be adjusted on the go with multiple positions. And of course, it is also supposed to contain a large touchscreen infotainment panel with all the instruments clustered near on the dash.

2019 BMW i5 Interior

2019 BMW i5 Interior

It gives you an uncluttered look and looks quite well organized on the interior when compared to others. It also comes with cl8imate control, state of the art audio system, advanced safety features and much more.

Engine, Price, Features and Release date

The 2019 BMW i5 comes with 45 hp and 375 lb-ft torque and let’s just agree that it will be packing quite a powerful punch. It is expected that the new model will get launched by mid-2019 but this can get delayed a little. It remains to see if the launch will be handed simultaneously across various countries at the same time. As for the price, it is expected to range around $50000 but we should know in a few months.

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