2019 Dodge Grand Caravan Review – Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

It does not seem to be the time for minivans or so if you had thought, then the 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan would be rolling out soon to prove you wrong. But one thing cannot be denied and that the market for minivans is being squeezed out with all the new SUV crossovers being launched.

Perhaps, that’s why the vice president of global vehicle forecasting had indicated that the minivan which had been the staple of many an American family for over 34 years may well be on the way out, and in the process get replaced by a Chrysler imitation. Granted that crossover SUVs are all the rage now, but given the fact that the minivan has its own niche audience, it would be moronic to kill a popular brand.

The good news is that they are not and as a matter of fact, will be introducing a new grand caravan.


The 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan is all set to roll out soon and we had to use all the leaked images, news and information from other sources to prep this review. It is easily supposed to seat 7 comfortably and the interiors are spacious enough with more than adequate room in the back for storage.

With more rumours doing the rounds about the Dodge caravan not being introduced in the US market given its safety features, we thought that we should still go ahead with the review. So let’s see what makes this model tick, shall we?

Exterior, under the hood:

The 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan comes with the same design since the last outgoing model was a popular one. So we fully expect Dodge to retain the design on their caravan with a few tweaks and changes. It seems to have gotten a new grille which is in the form of a mesh separated into four fields; a new look but we are still not sure if it is going to be popular with the consumers.

Dodge Grand Caravan 2019 Exterior

Dodge Grand Caravan 2019 Exterior

2019 Dodge Grand Caravan also comes with restyled LED headlights on the front along with rear end taillights. On the whole, the finish is perfect but then why should it not be?

The last dodge was a top seller where minivans were concerned and since the new model is essentially retaining the same design, it is bound to be popular. The new model may also come with a larger wheelbase along with larger wheels.


The 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan is about as comfy as you can get in a minivan; with more legroom and more space to stretch those legs out especially in the front two rows, it soon becomes apparent why this minivan was so popular for so long.

2019 Dodge Grand Caravan Interior

2019 Dodge Grand Caravan Interior

The new model comes with slide curtain airbags, power sliding side doors, power steering, heated seats for the higher trims, an eight-way power driver seat so you can adjust it accordingly. It also comes with a touchscreen infotainment panel, blue tooth, premium audio speakers and the works.

Engine, Release Date, and Price

The 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan comes with 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine which generates up to 283-hp and 260-lb.ft of torque. Given all the rumours doing the rounds, we expect that the launch will take place by end 2018 or first quarter 2019. This minivan packs decent power and should be able to get your whole family from one destination to another with ease.

The pricing for the model 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan is expected to start at $31125 and can go up even higher depending on the trim and the various accessories you choose with your vehicle.

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