2019 Ford Edge Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

With the news that the 2019 Ford Edge will be launched in a matter of few weeks, we decided that it was high time that we came out with a review on Ford Edge and its new and improved powertrain. Naturally, given the fact that this model launch was well anticipated and eagerly awaited by many, the news of the impending result generated a buzz. What’s more, we fully expect that the new model will come with more than a few styling changes as well which should whet our beak, so as to speak. So we decided to collate all the information that we could on the model and prepped our review. So let’s take a closer look at the new Ford Edge, shall we?

2019 Ford Edge Exterior

2019 Ford Edge Exterior

2019 Ford Edge, an overview:

The 2019 Ford Edge is expected to come with more changes under the hood and the interior rather than on the exterior. The end result is all the hype that’s getting built around the impending launch but the one thing that we can confirm is that the new model does look good. We did review all the leaked images and the new Edge looks immaculate if that’s the word for it. And yes, it does come with a few styling changes but overall, the impression is that all these changes help it to look even better.

2019 Ford Edge, under the hood:

The 2019 Ford Edge comes with some minor tweaks and changes and looks the better off for it. It comes off with a wider grille enhanced with chrome accents and looks much better, as a result.

It also comes with a reshaped hood, retuned front fascia as well as LED adaptive headlights with cornering, along with a slightly lower bumper as well. But all said and done, it does not alter the fact that the Ford Edge is as distinctive and as solid as it can get, with its unique shape.

The side panels are well contoured but what makes this car stand out this time around is that it seems to have gotten a little muscular, head on and we think that’s mostly on account of its larger wheelbase and the grille. The rear end gets the same treatment as the front end and as it gently curves along, it is not that hard to spot the chrome accents, near the exhaust tip.

It finishes off nicely and makes for a nice little exterior. Truth be told, no one expected much by way of styling changes this time around and we were pleasantly surprised by the same.

2019 Ford Edge, interior:

The 2019 Ford Edge comes with a smarter looking interior along with plush leather seats, with heated/ ventilated seats, multi-position adjustable driver’s seat, along with plush upholstery, and a dashboard that curves elegantly around the front end, with the central console in the middle.

2019 Ford Edge also comes with touchscreen infotainment centre as well as sync infotainment set up where you can sync the infotainment panel with Alexa with the help of Wi-Fi. It also comes with wireless charging pad as well along with all the advanced safety measures, including adaptive cruise control.

2019 Ford Edge Interior

2019 Ford Edge Interior

2019 Ford Edge, Engine, Release Date, and Price

The 2019 Ford Edge comes with 2.0-liter turbo four carries over from last year with an additional five horsepower, bringing its total to 250; peak torque is unchanged at 275 lb-ft. The model is expected to be launched by mid-October or November, with the price for

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