2019 Ford Super Duty Review – Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

It seems that we are soon going to have to get ready for the launch of 2019 Ford Super Duty; the Ford super duty is expected to be as capable as the F -150 and from all the leaked images and rumors doing the rounds, it seems that the rumors are spot on. The Super Duty is expected to come with a raft of comfort features as well as technical gadgets that should make it into one sweet ride that you can take with your family. It certainly comes with a high tow rating and if that was not enough, it seems that we can expect the new model to also feature several drivers assist features but more on that later on. So, let’s take a closer look at the Super Duty, shall we?


The 2019 Ford Super Duty certainly looks as impressive as any other heavy duty truck but more so, when you take into account all the new additional features. It is certainly more appealing than the other heavy duty trucks you are bound to come across. The super duty lineup is all set to be released soon and will get a modest facelift for all its trim levels. It is expected that this heavy-duty truck will feature the same trim levels including the platinum trim. We expect most of the updates to be confined to under the hood, but let’s see.

Exterior, under the hood:

The 2019 Ford Super Duty comes with a tweaked front fascia along with a bold new grille and enhanced vents that give it a more aggressive look. It retains the same design as before with hardly much of a change except for the slightly larger wheelbase which should translate to more space on the interior.

It comes with HID headlights and even fog lamps with the advanced trim models and comes with more clearance and all-wheel drive option so this truck should be able to put up with any weather easily.

The 20-inch aluminum wheels should provide you with more traction on the road and certainly goes some way to making this car look muscular. The new model comes with the same side panels along with enhanced suspension and heavy-duty chassis as well which should provide you with a comfortable ride when on the road.


The 2019 Ford Super Duty comes with a revamped interior along with a cab that can seat up to three comfortably. The new model comes with retrofitted vinyl upholstery along with 4-way driver and passenger seat adjustments.  It also packs in power steering along with touchscreen infotainment panel along with a centralized instrument panel and an uncluttered dashboard.

The new model also features a telescoping steering wheel along with several storage bins and space on the interior for the extra luggage that you may be hauling around. The new model also features USB ports, a premium audio system along with several drivers assist features such as lane assist, 4 wheel abs brakes, blind spot monitoring along with a rearview camera.

Engine Detail, launch date, Prices:

The 2019 Ford Super Duty comes with V-8, 6.2 L engine along with 385 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque. The truck certainly packs more than a punch and should be capable of towing large loads effectively well. It is expected that this new model with all the various trims will be launched by January 2019. The pricing for this lineup is expected to range between $45000 and $48705 for the higher trims.


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