2019 Honda Accord Review – Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

In the midst of all these SUVs, it’s nice to hear that we may get to see a rehashed 2019 Honda Accord hit the roads soon. It’s been a while since the car was introduced and granted it was a tad disappointing, given the slightly cramped interiors with little or no trade-off. But if the rumors are anything to go by, it seems that we may well get what we had all wished for with this new release. Well, since Honda has just begun production, it will be a while before the new product is released.


We earnestly hope that the 2019 Honda Accord lives up to all the hype and to its 41-year history. It has always stood out as an economical car and one hopes that the new model would do the same. But for what its worth, the pictures of the new model hardly do it much justice. With the sedan getting a makeover of sorts, the hype has certainly started to build up which is why it is time that we took a real close look at the new model to see what makes it tick.

Exterior, under the hood:

The 2019 Honda Accord comes with a larger wheelbase which naturally means more room on the interior which is what we had all wanted with the last model. It seems that the new model may well come with a modular platform along with all the works, including a changed front fascia which makes for a brand new look. As a result of the modular platform, it comes with lesser body weight than the current outgoing model which is saying something.

It seems that the new model may well feature a more aggressive bumper along with smoother, curvier side panels which make it all the more attractive. It also comes with bigger air flow intakes along with 19 to 20-inch wheels which should make for a nice appearance. It also gets the same treatment on the rear end as well as the front and all the trims come with LED headlights.

The new model while looking more compact looks like it has much more to offer which makes it the preferred choice when it comes to fuel-efficient cars. It also comes with tighter front and rear overhangs, overall making it look much more compact than before.


The 2019 Honda Accord comes with spacious interiors including 17 cubic feet of storage area in the trunk which is one cubic foot more than the previous model.  As far as visibility goes, the front view has certainly improved for the better however the rear view seems to be slightly less on account of the sharply raked rear window which somehow inhibits the driver’s line of sight.

It comes with power steering along with plush interiors, a light steering wheel which can make it easy to operate along with damping features which provide for a quiet, hushed and comfortable interior. The new model also comes with a touchscreen infotainment system with all the main instruments set in a cluster on the dashboard.

Engine Detail, launch date, Prices:

The 2019 Honda Accord comes with 1.5-litre turbo-with  192 hp although the much more high-quality models come with a 2. liter engine. This is likely to make 252 hp and 273 lb-feet of torque, which can be quite amazing to experience. The new model is all set to be launched by the fall of 2018, so we can expect it to be launched in a few months. The new model is set to be priced from $24,460 to $36,690


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