2019 Honda City Reviews -Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

The Honda City 2019 will be launched by the end of this year or by early, next year but what has got the buzz going happens to be the rumours that the new model will feature continuously variable transmission or CTV for a diesel engine.  If the rumours are true and Honda decides to beef up its model with a CTV diesel engine, then it would indeed come as a shot in the arm for the automaker. 

Currently, the automaker is trying to launch several models of which City happens to be one of the important ones; the 2019 Honda City will be the 5th generation and it is widely expected that the new model will incorporate several changes, to the design as well as to the powertrain.

You can expect more than a few cosmetic changes this time around and it remains to be seen as to how effective these tweaks would be, as the launch is just a few months away.

2019 Honda City Reviews

The good news is that the 2018 Honda City will be based on a new platform so we can expect a major overhaul of the existing design; at the least, we can expect new features,  with better safety features and the metal used, would be high tensile steel.

While there would be a lot of changes with regard to the overall design component, it is expected that the powertrain specs would either remain the same or just undergo a few modifications given the addition of CTV (which is yet to be confirmed).


As mentioned earlier, the 2019 Honda City will feature a new platform or a reworked one with brand new features as well as the overall design. From what we have heard to date, it seems that the 5th generation Honda City will indeed look sporty, so expect a compact car with smooth, flowing trim, along with sparkly decals.

2019 Honda City Exterior

2019 Honda City Exterior

The leaked images hardly do it justice but from what we could make out, it seems that the front end resembles last year’s models but with a full-length chrome bar which should help set it apart. It should also be pointed out that it seems that the LED component is being overhauled with a sleeker version being introduced with the 5th generation Honda City.

It may also sport a new rear taillight, but that remains to be seen since the images we could access was rather sparse on certain details.

Interior, what to expect:

While it is expected that the 2019 Honda City will have a major makeover, on the outside, it seems that the interior would remain the same without much change. We can expect the interiors to feature spacious interiors but ones that are better managed than it is with the current model.

2019 Honda Insight

2019 Honda Insight

For starters, we can expect the new model to feature enhanced suspension; the one drawback with the current model is the lousy suspension which often results in a ridiculous riding experience. This was highlighted during the last launch and naturally, we expect this to be rectified with immediate effect.

So we can all expect a much better riding experience with the new model, thanks to the newly improved suspension.

Engine Details

We can expect the new model to feature the same 1.5-liter petrol and diesel engine; we can expect a few tweaks and changes given the CVT but overall the powertrain specs should remain the same. With the 2019 Honda city, we can expect a horsepower of 120 HP along with a torque of 145NM. The car also comes with a 6-speed setting which should make it easier to drive this car on heavily congested roads.

Price and Release Date

It is widely expected that the 5th generation Honda city would be released around mid-September and that its pricing should range in-between 10 to 18 lakhs.

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