2019 Honda CRV Reviews -Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

This year is fast firming up to be the year when Honda finally joins the gas-electric hybrid bandwagon for the 2019 Honda CRV is rumored to come outfitted with one. It will soon join the rest of the compacts with a perfect hybrid engine that gives it better fuel economy.

Given the fact that the Honda CRV already went in for a major overhaul just last year, we should not expect much this time around. The 5 seater had already undergone a sea of change just last year, so the most we can expect this time around are modifications to the engine along with a few exterior and interior tweaks, and the rest, to be retained ‘as it is’. 

2019 Honda CRV Reviews

The 2019 Honda CVV’s focus on developing a hybrid electric engine only makes it patently clear that Honda is serious about targeting this niche and wants most of its sales to come from hybrid and zero-emission engines by 2030.

The focus on developing green technology is indeed a welcome one but one that provides the car with better fuel economy is one that just sets the tone for others to follow. Currently, there are only a select few hybrid models available in the market, but even those would be hard put to match Honda CR-V and its new Hybrid variant.

What to expect with the Exteriors

With the 2017 model, Honda took a departure from the usual and instead opted for a more muscular tone for its CR-V line, so we should expect more of the muscular tone, with flared sides, enhanced trims along with a well-defined grille, giving it a new ‘look’.  The new model should certainly stand apart with its new trims, 17-inch metal alloy wheels; black exterior door handles along with the rest.

It is still unclear what the total lineup for next year would look like but if Honda were to include an SE model into the mix, then we can expect redesigned 18-inch wheels, lowered body, a dual exhaust system and the works.

2019 Honda CRV Exterior

2019 Honda CRV Exterior

It should also come outfitted with exterior mirrors, automatic LED headlights (remains to be seen if it would be a touring exclusive or extend to other models), fog lights with all the works and a smartly packaged and compact, square body, that’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

A Closer look at the Interiors

The 2019 Honda CR-V should retain the same interiors as last year’s model, when it was completely restructured; so we can expect generous front and rear room with enough legroom in the back seat as well, at least forty inches of leg room which should be more than enough for anyone who happens to be vertically challenged.

The one great thing about all the Honda CR-V models is that it comes with enough storage space and the new ones already rumored to contain 39.2 behind the rear seats and double that when they are completely folded. So we will not exactly be going broke searching for storage spaces with the new Honda CR-V. 

2019 Honda CRV Interior

The LX model will feature its usual 5-inch dashboard with the requisite support for Pandora streaming audio; the EX and higher grades would feature a 7-inch touchscreen and infotainment system that comes with the required support for Apple car play, Google Android auto and the rest. 

The new variant should also come with two USB charging ports for the front and two for the rear passengers along with embedded GPS navigation.

Engine Details

Whether the 2019 Honda CR-V comes with a hybrid engine or not, the traditional line up should feature 2.4 four-liter engine with 184 pound HP along with 179 pound-feet of torque. The launch is expected to take place sometime later this year without much variation in the pricing either.

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