2019 Mercedes Benz AMG S63 Review – Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

It seems that Mercedes Benz was not kidding when it came to their branded vehicles for it seems that we are to see the launch of the new 2019 Mercedes Benz AMG S63 anytime now. As a luxury brand, it certainly has managed to hog the headlights for all the right reasons and naturally, the news that we can soon expect another Mercedes Benz to hit the roads made us start rooting for any info online on the new model. And after days of pouring over the leaked images, interviews and vetting rumours, we finally prepped this review for your convenience.  So let’s get started, shall we?

2019 Mercedes Benz AMG S63 Overview:

The 2019 Mercedes Benz AMG S63 comes with more than a few changes and from the rumours doing the rounds, it seems that the model may well sport more than a few midlife changes and we are keeping our fingers crossed on autonomous driving features. Either way, the news has already started building a buzz about the upcoming launch and we are looking forward to the same so that we can test out the car in person, but for now, we’ll have to make do with this review.

 2019 Mercedes Benz AMG S63 Exterior

2019 Mercedes Benz AMG S63 Exterior

Exterior, under the hood:

The 2019 Mercedes Benz AMG S63 comes with a retuned front fascia, as well as LED headlights with the option of including Swarovski crystals for the headlights. The grille is as distinct as before, with the Mercedes badge floating right in the middle. It also comes with a chrome accent as well as a slightly larger wheelbase and 20-inch metal alloy wheels which complement the whole new look.

The car still retains the same design as before except this time around, it also comes with stylish contouring on the side panels along with re-styled led tail lights with OLED. The AMG styling for the body makes it stand out for all the right reasons. The LED headlights are engineered to be intelligent to the point that they feature adaptive high beam. The car also comes with the enhanced suspension which coupled with sound dampeners makes for a sweet, comfortable and silent ride.

The exterior is as elegant as it looks, with the tapering roof and the neat little finish towards the rear, and with chrome accents all over. While we do expect more upgrades with the next year’s model, the current one certainly stands out for all the right reasons.


The 2019 Mercedes Benz AMG S63 comes with a revamped interior and one that emphasizes comfort and luxury. The new model comes with plush leather upholstery, as well as power steering wheels, with the option of digital instruments or traditional ones. Either way, they have been perfectly designed and the instrument cluster is located within easy reach. .

 2019 Mercedes Benz AMG S63 Interior

2019 Mercedes Benz AMG S63 Interior

The new model also comes with the 360-degree camera system, several drivers assist features, voice recognition features, touchscreen infotainment panel among several other features as well. It also comes with adaptive cruising, automatic emergency braking and several other features including blind spot assist. What makes this car stand out is the fact that it comes with a magic body control adaptive system that should help provide for a very comfortable ride

Engine Detail, launch date, and Price:

The 2019 Mercedes Benz AMG S63 comes with rear-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive; it also comes with 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine putting out a more substantial 450kW of power and 900Nm of torque. The new model is expected to be launched by early 2019 and as for the pricing, it comes with a steep price tag and is expected to feature around $175000.

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