2019 Nissan Frontier Review – Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

When it comes to the 2019 Nissan Frontier, the one thing that you can always say about this model is that it sure offers you the best value for your money. Well, the mid-sized pickup truck is due to get launched soon, and given the fact that the Nissan frontier is indeed one of the oldest “new” cars on the road, we sure hope that the current iteration comes with more than a few cosmetic changes. Anyway, we decided to hunt for more information on the new model and prep a review on the same. So let’s see how Nissan frontier fares, shall we?

2019 Nissan Frontier, an overview:

The 2019 Nissan Frontier is considered to be one of the oldest in the lineup and it certainly is the smallest. Given that it still retains the same design, so much so that one can say that it looks retro, we hope that this time around, it would roll out with several changes. But that may just have to wait, for going by the leaked images, there is not much change to the exterior, but we do hope that the interior at least gets a reboot of sorts.

2019 Nissan Frontier, under the hood:

The 2019 Nissan Frontier still retains the same design and it looks like the automaker is keen to set a record of sorts. Moving on, it comes with the following trim levels as before – S, SV, Desert Runner, SL, and Pro-4X trim levels, with each trim level coming in with a unique set of features or functionality. 2019 Nissan Frontier comes with the same chunky exterior as before with bulky fenders along with LED headlights.

The one change that we noticed is that the front bumpers are body colored and that this time around, you may get more choice as far as the color goes. The rest seems to be the same, with the side panels looking sturdy. And as the roof gently tapers off to the rear, you should spot the LED taillights which have been tweaked this time around. As mentioned earlier, the change as far as styling goes has been kept to the bare minimum for reasons that are known to the automaker alone. Instead, we lesser mortals have to make do with a design that’s so ancient that it is called retro.

2019 Nissan Frontier interior:

With the 2019 Nissan Frontier, the one thing that you may want to remember is that this is essentially a pickup truck and one that’s geared for convenience and functionality more than comfort. So we did not expect any of the frills that we get with other cars or trucks, and truth be told, it was sparse on the inside.

The seats are not exactly plush but are instead covered with cloth fabric and faux leather, and the rest is a melody set in plastic, chrome and metal. The dashboard remains the same but with the instrument cluster within easy reach along with Wi-Fi capability along with large touchscreen infotainment panel as well as a few storage areas, and that’s about it.

2019 Nissan Frontier, drive train, specs, release date, price:

The 2019 Nissan Frontier, comes with inline-4 that makes 152 horsepower and as well as a strong 4.0-liter V-6, which is more common, and for good reason: its 261 hp is enough to chirp the wheels and tow more than 6,500 pounds. It is expected that this pickup truck will get launched in a matter few weeks, and it is expected that the base trim will come with a price tag of $19985.

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