Electric Cars Pros and Cons – Postive / Negative Effects of Electric Cars

Electric cars are not exactly a new concept, they have been around on paper for a while and it’s only recently that there have been advances made in this field with Japanese companies leading the pack. The basic concept is pretty simple, that instead of expensive gasoline, your car runs on electric power and uses a battery to store up the same. While the concept was viable and still is, the fact remains that society still has a long way to go before we can rely on electric cars altogether. So this is why it is important that we take a closer look at all the pros and cons of electric cars as that can help us make an informed decision regarding the viability of these cars.

Postive / Negative Effects of Electric Cars

Postive / Negative Effects of Electric Cars

Electric Cars Pros

  • Cheaper: There’s no denying the fact that electric power has a distinct advantage over gasoline; the fact that electricity is downright cheap at several parts of the world makes it apparent why electric cars would definitely be a hit. Let’s work out the math, shall we? Fueling an EV car should work out to be much less than compared to a gasoline guzzler; in fact, it works out to be several times cheaper and should save you a bundle in the process. For example, taking a Mitsubishi I Mev on an 8000 mile should only set you back by $100.
  • Credits: Depending on where you reside, you can either apply for grants or for tax credits by purchasing an EV car to a gasoline guzzler. The fact remains that EV’s do not pollute the environment and come with zero emission which is why governments worldwide are incentivizing drivers to go for EVs.
  • Quick and quiet: Cars such as the Tesla Model S comes with high torque and HP but the interesting thing about this car is that it is extremely fast and silent. EVs are extremely fast to respond to diver cues and as such, make for an interesting ride in every sense of the word.
  • Safety: Most EVs come with advanced safety features including anti-collision technology as well as other driver assist features; In fact, EVs are comparably much safer than traditional cars when it comes to comfort and safety.

Electric Car Cons

  • Long refuelling time: The one major drawback to EVs is the fact that they take rather long to get juiced up. It takes about an hr to get charged for a 20 to a 100-mile range (depending on the EV) and you can do the math for the rest. So at the moment, with the current models that are out on the roads, you cannot plan long trips on the road with your EV just yet. Some of the automakers may want to invest more funds and research on developing batteries that charge faster than the ones that are commercially available.
  • Limited range: Given the restraints and the fact that not all petrol stations would come with a charging port for your EV, the range is rather limited. In other words, you cannot take your EVfor an off the road adventure, and you really need to plan your route ahead before you take your EV out for a drive. Most experts would tell you that a hundred miles should be enough for commuting within the city but what happens if you need to drive out of the city and you have to depend on your EV?
  • Expensive: While they are easy to maintain and a lot sturdier than their petrol and gasoline counterparts, the fact is that EVs cost a lot more than the traditional vehicles. But the good news is that even if you factor in the in-purchase price, you’ll find that EVs are much cheaper in the long run and can save you money.

These are some of the pros and cons of electric vehicles and you may want to check the same out before purchasing one.

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