How AI Technology Can Help Self Driving Cars

It was only to be expected that given the various advances in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), that some of these would be incorporated into the auto industry. Today, we can actually see the same being incorporated into some of the latest modes that were launched recently. But this is not something new, rather autonomous self-driving cars have been around in one shape or form for the last ten years but it is only recently that these have been refined further and are now that technology is part and parcel of most of the top car brands. Here’s to taking a closer look at some of the AI advances and how they are helping autonomous driving or self-driving cars.

AI Technology in Driving Cars

AI Technology in Driving Cars


It seems that the cars of the future are here at last and now, a few companies from the likes of Nvidia are planning on introducing electric cars powered by the ZF ProAI system. These trucks would mostly be used for delivering consignments from point A to point B, and as such, they are quite effective in ensuring that the journey goes off all right.

These trucks are soon all set to become a part of our reality and come outfitted with various sensors, radar, LIDAR, which feeds all the raw data into the system and this should help the truck navigate its way through traffic.

Drive PX AI

Now, it seems that we can also look forward to driverless taxis to get us from one place to another. Earlier on we often used to remain focused on the driver and how he is driving. But thanks to Nvidia, and its Drive PX Ai platform it seems that we can look forward to these taxis on our roads within the next few months.

Automated Parallax Parking

This was one of the first AI techs to be used on commercial vehicles and today, most of the top trims feature the same where the AI tech takes over for you and parks your vehicle just the way you would have wanted it to.

Parking Assist

Granted that parking is a huge problem especially in big cities and Bpsch decoded to use AI to enable drivers to locate the nearest parking spot and park their vehicles there in the least amount of time possible. Bosch has developed a decent AI parking system that utilizes GPS, remote sensing technology along with a system that analyses all the available parking spaces, time to park there and sends the information to the cloud which is then further refined before being sent back to the car and the driver.

Cars with Common Sense

It seems that the impossible has already happened with the MIT spin-off I see, one that utilizes AI and deep learning to teach driverless cars to behave with common sense. As hard as it is to get your mind wrapped around this, it should be pointed out that this one is still under study but we can certainly expect the same to be incorporated into some of the latest models.

These are some of the AI concepts that have been bought to reality and are being used today with some of the top trims. We can expect much more chances in future models as the auto industry strives for ways to develop superior intelligent cars. It is too soon to call our cars sentient beings but with the various advances being made in the field of AI, it is only a matter of time before we all get a car that talks back to us

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